Why Sayeban

Female literacy rates in Pakistan remain shockingly low with less than one-third of girl children in rural communities enrolling in primary schools. Our maternal mortality rate continues to be amongst the highest in the world. In the family and community roles, the self-esteem suffers from a lack of awareness of one’s rights and deprivation resulting from acute poverty.

Acknowledging these stark realities is important to prioritize and address these challenges. Far from weakening our resolve, it only redoubles our passion to work harder, to drive positive change in our societies.

Sayeban is led by a small team of committed, highly accomplished dedicated individuals. Our Chief Patron is Mrs Tabassum Abid, wife of Mr Noor Abid. Noor Abid recently retired from Ernst and Young (Middle East and North Africa) after three decades of professional career. Sayeban has been operational since early 2000. The initial phase was fully funded by the sponsors.

Sayeban's guiding principles are transparency, professionalism and the passion to make a meaningful difference. A successful track record demonstrates that intentions are backed by well directed efforts. Sayeban believes that there is a tremendous spirit of contributing time and finances for charitable causes amongst our people. The only criteria is they must be convinced that their contribution is being used for the right purpose and reaching the truly deserving.

To get involved, Sayeban encourages you to visit one of our eye camps or mass weddings and see for yourself the difference you can make. Contact us at getinvolved@sayeban.org.