Industrial Home Schools

Industrial Home School Programs which includes skills development in handicrafts, embroidery, computer training & beautician training.

Free Dispensary

    Healthcare facility with two dispensaries that provides free medical checkup and free medicines and free Eye Camp is organized every year under Sayeban.

Langer (Food Disbursement)

Free Food served to an average of 300 Attendees of patients every day.

Mass Weddings

Mass Weddings of poor women in Pakistan every year in December.


A Rs 5 million, Qard e Hasana based program, in Rahim Yar Khan.
A second Rs 5 million, Qard e Hasana based program, in Bagh o Bahar.

Home Schools

Establishing and operating primary schools for out of school children in remote rural communities who otherwise have no access to schools.

Educating Prisoners

  • Provide education to prisoners (male & female both) enabling them to be good citizens once they get free along with other skills development courses like tailoring, embroidery etc.

Darul Aman

  • Darul Aman for destitute women and provide them different vocational and recreational courses along with counseling sessions.