• Mass Weddings

Invariably, poor women in Pakistan remain unmarried until someone can pay for their dowries. If they are too late, the chances of their marriage become remote. Mass weddings are arranged in December every year. Weddings of more than 150 females are sponsored by Sayeban. The girls dressed up traditionally and embarked on their new journey.

The purpose of mass weddings is to cut costs and avoid unnecessary hardship that one might take when entering into this sacred and important relationship.
Many families wait for years to get their girls married as they cannot afford their wedding costs and other customaries. Sayeban make efforts to reduce hardships of these families by organising mass weddings every year.

The selection criteria for marriages are based on the following factors:
The girls must be at least 18 years of age, evidenced through the submission of CNIC card.
First priority is given to orphan girls.

Second priority is given to families having a monthly income of less than Rs.10,000 which equates to just over USD 100


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